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Hair Salons in Emmitsburg

Premiere Hair Services at Grace Kelly Salon

Good hair salons in Emmitsburg MD can sometimes be hard to find. Yes, there are probably hair salons in the area and yes, they are probably capable of taking care of your hair somehow. But if you are looking for high end salons that offer high quality hair and nail care similar to salons in big cities do, then it is best that you venture into other bigger nearby towns like those in Pennsylvania.

Emmitsburg is a small town with less than 4,000 in population. Because of the size of this small town, there are very few hair salons in Emmitsburg MD that can cater to specialty salon services like other big cities do. The townsfolk of Emmitsburg usually prefer to travel to other nearby towns if they want to avail of special salon services which are not usually available in small towns. Luckily, just a few minutes away from this small town is the Grace Kelly Salon in Gettysburg, PA.

Grace Kelly Salon is one of the premiere salons in the Gettysburg, PA area and is available and ready to provide the people of Emmistburg their excellent beauty salon services. They offer a wide range of high-end beauty products that cannot be found in regular neighborhood salons. They differ considerably from small town Emmitsburg MD hair salons that usually exude a simple neighborhood salon feel and don’t carry high end brands and services. At the Grace Kelly salon, you can enjoy their more sophisticated high-end products and services as you take in the salon’s art gallery and sophisticated vibe.

One great thing about the Grace Kelly salon is that they are committed to helping the environment by using only products that contain natural ingredients and are packed using sustainable packaging made from recycled materials. You can be sure that you get only the best hair care because they use Davines hair care line to take care of your tresses. Davines hair care was established in Italy by the Bollati family in 1983. They have been in business of providing hair care products that care for your hair and the environment at the same time.

Grace Kelly salon also offers waxing, custom makeup for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and the like. They also offer Novalash which is an eyelash extension service that will make your eyelashes look thicker and longer even without applying mascara. Unlike regular eyelash extensions Novalash can be worn day and night and are better than traditional false eyelashes that regular salons use. They last longer than regular false eyelashes making them the ideal eyelash extension for people on the budget.

Most beauty salons in small towns offer only the basic haircut and styling. They could possibly offer custom makeup but very few people in small towns know how to do more than that. Grace Kelly salon is your best bet if you want to have high quality hair and nail products and services. So come and visit the Grace Kelly salon in Gettysburg PA. The hair salons in Emmitsburg MD could give you a basic cut and color hair treatment but the Grace Kelly salon offers so much more.